Winters Blizzards Baton Twirler, 1952

Patsy Bedford Kaufman was a Winters Blizzards Baton Twirler in 1952. This was reportedly the first year the twirlers wore these short costumes, which featured fur trim. Winters is located south of Abilene, Texas and northeast of San Angelo, Texas, so I bet the costume got a little toasty at fall...

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Baton Twirling Score Sheet (1952)

The following baton twirling score sheet and illustrations are dated 1952. Examples of baton twirling ephemera, the score sheet covers a number of criteria. Measures include: smoothness; coordination; speed; sureness; variety; originality; control and drops. Also, fumbles; slips; execution; grace;...

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Fort Worth Texas, 1952 (Video)

This is 60-year-old footage from a news story that aired on WBAP-TV, a television station in Fort Worth, Texas, on October 16, 1952. Subjects names unknown. If you recognize any of these twirlers let us know, especially the young blonde who would be approximately 70 years old today. Citation:...

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