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We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us. — Ralph Hattersley

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A small group of baton twirling advocates coordinate content for The Vintage Twirler including, but not limited to, former and current twirlers; coaches; twirl moms and twirl dads. We are historians, curators, writers and publicists. This project is a labor of love and nobody is interested in receiving credit. For now, everyone wants to keep a low profile.

(But, of course.) Eventually, everyone will figure out who we are. Unfortunate. LOL. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. =/

Nevertheless, we are glad to be here and we are so glad you are here. Thank you for your interest and support.

About Our Logo

A few years ago, a young baton twirler marched by herself in a Christmas parade. With fancy cars and horses in front of her and a throng of cheerleaders behind her, she high-stepped it along the entire parade route without a band or even music. And, as she twirled around the historic town square she caught a glimpse of an elderly woman who was taking a deep breath as she strutted by. “I was a twirler, once,” she said, as she leaned into her husband’s shoulder.

I was a twirler once…

There was a longing in that woman’s voice; a yearning for a past that is no more; a time when America stood at the “summit of the world” and twirlers in majorette boots and fringed epaulettes filled parade routes far and wide.

Stars and Stripes Forever

Today, patriotism has hit an historic low with some feeling the American flag is unsuitable for display. We obviously don’t feel that way, especially as baton twirling evolves and reaches its destiny of becoming an Olympic sport.

Who will be the first U.S. baton twirlers to compete for Olympic gold? Who can deny that the soundtrack of all their dreams has been the Official March of America, John Philip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever. Whoever they are, wherever they are, they will be standing on the shoulders of thousands of devoted coaches and parents, as the U.S. flag is lowered and the national anthem is played.

To that end, our logo celebrates the history of baton twirling in America, which has strong ties to the U.S. military. It honors all our hopes for the future; above all, that we may live in peace and harmony with each other despite our differences. And, it is aspirational. Baton twirling is slated for revival. Eventually, the International Olympic Committee will add baton twirling to its sports program. O say, can you see…

How To Use This Website

This website has been quite an undertaking and we couldn’t do it without dedicated volunteers. It’s organized around several main sections (HOME / ABOUT / BLOG / DECADES (1930s-1990s) / MEMORABILIA (Ephemera, Collectables, Movies and much more) / HONOR (Tributes and Memorials) SERVICES (for now, password protected) GIVE (donate 🙂) and SPECIALS (Black Twirlers; Male Twirlers; Pageant Twirlers and Sports Legends). Some sections are still under constructions; however, most of the DECADES have content. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the Vintage Twirler. We built if for posterity and ultimately, for you and for all generations, young and old, past and present. And, we built it for the love of baton twirling. That’s all.



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