Miss Majorette of America

Miss Majorette of America

Miss Majorette of America

According to the National Baton Twirling Association, Miss Majorette of America is the original and most prestigious pageant of its type. Founded by Don Sartell, the annual pageant is a living monument to the talents, beauty,  and dedication of majorettes everywhere. 

The first Miss Majorette of America pageant was in 1947. The winner was  Rosemary Schwebs who was from Menasha, Wisconsin. (See photo below.) 

We’re not sure when the Miss Majorette of America logo was first introduced, but it’s one of our all-time favorites.  

Photo Epigraph

Pictured above is Allyson Zaloudek Reneau, (b.1961), Juvenile (7-9) Miss Majorette of America 1971 and Junior (13-15) Miss Majorette of America 1973.  Zaloudek was a member of the Hillsdale High School Class of 1979, Kremlin, Oklahoma. 

Citation: [Photograph 2012.201.B1428.0613], photograph, November 21, 1971; (https://gateway.okhistory.org/ark:/67531/metadc759525/: accessed May 21, 2023), The Gateway to Oklahoma History, https://gateway.okhistory.org; crediting Oklahoma Historical Society.


Allyson Zaloudek Reneau, Little Miss Majorette of America 1974

Little (0-6) Miss Majorette of America

Cathy Fujimi, (b. 1959) won the Little Miss Majorette of America contest in 1970. Fujimi also named Grand National Champion in 1971. The California twirler became known for an advanced twirling skill called cutbacks, which are now frequently referred to as Fujimis. Words that come from the proper name of a person are eponyms. Fujimi is one of the only twirlers in the world whose skill level led to “eponym status.” Click here to learn more about Fujimis.

Cathy Fujimi as in baton twirling fujimis or cutbacks


1967 Brenda Cunningham, TX
1968 Pam Edwards, TN
1969 Cathy Fujimi, CA
1970 Lori Sypek, MA
1971 Kelly Hewitt, FL
1972 Jean Seckar, WI
1973 Cindy Peters, OH
1974 Jami Huffer,  MD
1975 Donelle Roy, NE
1976 Denise Becker, VA
1977 Michele Sylvester, OH
1978 Shelly Amanda Oakley, MS
1979 Missy Thorpe, FL
1980 Janet Gryder, TX
1981 Stephanie Coe, TX
1982 Sara Kinglsey, IL
1983 Hayley Guillot, MS
1984 Kelly Daniels, GA
1985 Allison Stadtmueller, WI
1986 Courtney Stangry, FL
1987 Jennifer Radi, NY
1988 Bobbie Jo Soloman, PA
1989 Tarrah Thompson
1990 Whitney Whittaker, WV
1991 Shelby Omdoff, PA

1992 Branden Dickerson
1993 Jamie Egan, OH
1994 Kristin Sagona
1995 Briana Costello, CA
1996 Heather Campbell, PA
1997 Merriebeth Cox, IL
1998 Kristen Scali, OH
1999 Kristilee Ginther, PA
2000 Alyssa Spencer, IN
2002 Haley Shiver, TX
2003 Rachel Joy Kahan, CA
2004 Rebecca Lantz, CA
2005 Braelynn Neely, WV
2006 Lexi Duda, MD
2007 Olivia Hurt
2008 Kylie Cates, OH
2009 Grace Wood
2010 Emma Pittman, OH
2011 Annalise Powell
2012 Erienne Leigh Hay
2013 Isabella Rexroad
2014 Kaycee Schultz
2015 Allison Anderson
2016 Shay Busza
2017 Sadie O’Sullivan
2018 Annalese Lyon
2022 Blake MacKenna Gilliam

Juvenile (7-9) Miss Majorette of America

Taylar Bolds made history in 2003, when she became the first African American Miss Majorette of America. Later, she made history again when she became the first African American woman selected as feature twirler for the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). This also made her the first in the Southeastern Conference (SEC). Bolds was coached by Annette Sylvester, and later, by John Baton Mitchell and Kelli Krull Russell.

We have not been able to locate a photo of Bolds. If someone could send us one we’d be so grateful! Email us at info@vintage-baton-twirler.org

1970 Robin Rogers, IL
1971 Allyson Zaloudek, OK
1972 Amy Callaway, AL
1973 Tami Thomas, OH
1974 Kelley Hewitt,  FL
1975 Kelly St. John,  OH
1976 Crissy Brooks, OH
1977 Lisa Marie Fedick, NY
1978 Bernadette Nemeth, PA
1979 Michelle Sylvester, OH
1980 Kristie Addis, MS
1981 Stacey Alford, MD
1982 Liane Aramaki, CA
1983 Jennifer Nero, OH
1984 Nicole Sylvester, OH
1985 Michelle Pascoe, PA
1986 Roxanne Valentino,  OH
1987 Suzanne Lombard, MI
1988 Kelly Daniels, GA
1989 Courtney Stangry, FL
1990 Jennifer Radi, NY
1991 Tricia Daniels, GA
1992 Veena Goel, CA
1993 Whitney Whittaker, WV
1994 Jaime Thompson

1995 Brittany Ecalono, MD
1996 Alyssa Speicher
1997 Ann Elise Debelina, IL
1998 Heather Campbell, PA
1999 Chelsea Russell, NY
2000 Danielle Cobb, VA
2004 Rejoyce Green, CA
2005 Rachel Joy Kahan, CA
2006 Rebecca Lantz, CA
2007 Savannah Miller
2008 Braelynn Neely, WV
2009 Kylie Cates, OH
2010 Gillian Brooks, MI
2011 Taylor Prelewicz
2012 Gabby Steed
2013 Annalise Powell
2014 Mackenzie Bronk
2015 Jessica Morlan, GA
2016 Brooke McClain
2017 Kaycee Schultz
2018 Mary Iris Moore
2019 Emily Anderson
2022 Collyn Lambeck, TX

Pre-Teen (10-12) Miss Majorette of America

Division Created in 1979

Rebecca Lantz is the only twirler to have won five Miss Majorette of America titles. They include Little Miss Majorette of America, 2004; Juvenile Miss Majorette of America 2006; Pre-Teen Miss Majorette of America, 2010; Senior Miss Majorette of America, 2014, and College Miss Majorette of America 2016. Kylie Cates, Tricia Daniels, Steffany Lein, Michelle Pascoe, Chelsea Russell, Kristen Scali, Heather Smith, Courtney Stangry and Nicole Sylvester all won four times. 

Rebecca Lantz with the most Miss Majorette of America Titles

1979 Heather Smith, MO
1980 Lisa Fedick, NY
1981 Deena Alford, MD
1982 Kelly Manack, PA
1983 Kristine Hartley, PA
1984 Angela Hoey, PA
1985 Lee Lamar, GA
1986 Michelle Pascoe, PA
1987 Nichole Sylvester, OH
1988 Erin Dolan, OH
1989 Suzanne Lumbard
1990 Lacey Abbot, CA
1991 Tina Tomlins, PA
1992 Courtney Stangry, FL
1993 Veena Goel, CA
1994 Tricia Daniels, GA
1995 Whitney Whittaker, WV
1996 Meganne Britton, IL
1997 Ashlee Pederson, MO

1998 Stephanie Radi, NY
1999 Brittany Ecalano, MD
2002 Danielle Cobb, VA
2004 Kristen Scali, OH
2005 Melissa Cox, IL
2006 Alyssa Spencer, IN
2007 Brittany Frankel, MD
2008 Savannah Miller
2009 Braelynn Neely, WV
2010 Rebecca Lantz, CA
2011 Steffany Lein, NE
2012 Simone Esters, MO
2013 Gillian Brooks
2014 Kylie Cates, OH
2105 Deayza-Marie Peebles
2016 Ella McDaniel, NH
2017 Danielle Hull
2018 Kaycee Schultz
2019 Josephine Kespohl, MO
2022 Emily Anderson

Junior (13-15) Miss Majorette of America

In 1981, sisters Stacey and Deena Alford both won Miss Majorette of America titles. Stacey won Juvenile Miss Majorette of America and Deena won Pre-Teen Miss Majorette of America. Deena also won Junior Miss Majorette of America in 1985 and Senior Miss Majorette of America in 1989. Another sister, Kristi, won Senior Miss Majorette of America in 1996.



1955 Carolyn Ford, IN
1956 Dee Dee Carmichael, IN
1957 Judy Woosley, FL
1958 Dorothy Farrar,  TX
1959 Connie Smith, OK
1960 Cheri Knutson, ND
1961 Pat Knief, IL
1962 Judy Watson, FL
1963 Charlotte Reily,  LA
1964 Lana Conroy, KS
1965 Susan Cappeletto, NC
1966 Linda Martha, PA
1967 Theresa Lowrance, TX
1968 Karen Oakes,  TN
1969 Karen Pearson, TX
1970 Robyn Moroz,  IL
1971 Robyn Sharp, CA
1971 Linda Johnson, MN
1972 Tanya Carmack, OH
1973 Allyson Zaloudek, OH
1974 Robin Rogers, VA
1975 Debbie Fairleigh, MI
1976 Tami Thomas, OH
1977 Denna Prophy, OH
1978 Marylin Daniels, GA
1979 Tricia Sol, MD
1980 Kathy Kurtz, CA
1981 Missie Messner, FL
1982 Heather Smith, MO
1983 Wendy Ligo, PA
1984 Michelle Sylvester, OH
1985 Deena Alford, Riverdale, MD

1986 Amy Howard, Carlsbad, CA
1987 Kristine Hartley
1988 Starla Adams, TX
1989 Michelle Paascoe, PA
1990 Nichole Sylvester, OH
1991 Lindsay Hale, WI
1992 Tina Tomlins, PA
1993 Danielle Novakowski, IL
1994 Lacey Abbott, CA
1995 Melissa Weygand, MD
1996 Brandy Martin, NY
1997 Tricia Daniels, GA
1998 Lanie Blankenship, VA
1999 Meganne Britton, IL
2002 Heather Senica, IL
2004 Lacey Seckar-Anderson, WI
2005 Chelsea Russell, NY
2006 Danielle Cobb, VA
2007 Kristen Scali, OH
2008 Nicole Jensen, IA
2009 Susie Smithmyer, PA
2010 Ansley Cartee, SC
2011 Savannah Miller, MO
2012 Steffany Lein, NE
2013 Lexi Duda, MD
2014 Simone Esters, MO
2015 Gillian Brooks
2016 Claudia Swauger
2017 Kylie Cates, OH
2018 Ally Duda, MD
2019 Ella McDaniel, NH
2022 Jessica Morlan, GA

Senior (16+) Miss Majorette of America

Rosemary Schwebs (b. 1930) was selected as the first Miss Majorette of America in 1947. According to the Menasha Historical Society, Schwebs was a championship swimmer and diver and self-taught twirler. As of May 2023, she is 93-years-old and living in Southern California.

Rosemary Schwebs by Peter Jung

This photo of Schwebs is one of the most iconic in the history of baton twirling. It was taken by local Menasha photographer the late Peter C. Jung. (https://www.menashalibrary.org/node/8252) 

Schwebs’ costume is on permanent display in the Menasha Historical Society Museum.

1947 Rosemary Schwebs, WI
1948 Mary Jean Peterson,  IL
1951 Dorothy Grover, NY
1952 Hilda Gay Mayberry, KY
1953 Sonie Rogers, MI
1954 Janis Wadsworth, FL
1955 Phillis Fleming, CA
1956 Carolyn Willis, SC
1957 Ruth Ann Nethery, OH
1958 Elizabeth Hopson, TX
1959 Claudette Riley, TN
1960 Barbara Emminger, NY
1961 Karren Berger, UT
1962 Judy Barton, TN
1963 Cherrie Martin, LA
1964 Judy Watson, FL
1964 Connie Phillips, TN
1965 Susan Cappeletto, NC
1966 Cookie Richards, WV
1967 Lynda Martha, PA
1968 Karen Oakes, TN
1969 Terry Yavitz, MO
1970 Sophie Schwab, NY
1971 Michelle Perry, OK
1972 Shari Gainor, CA
1973 Marva Mosier, OH
1974 Del Rae Cruzen, IL
1975 Nancy Ustain, IL
1976 Robin Rogers, VA
1977 Nancy Dolfi, PA
1978 Nathalie Enterline, PA
1979 Jennifer Horn, CA
1980 Tricia Sol, MD
1981 Lori Kessler, PA
1982 Marylin Daniels, GA
1983 Heathery Smith, MO
1984 Kathy Kurtz, CA
1985 Wendy Ligo, PA

1986 Gayl Anderson, IN
1987 Michelle Sylvester, OH
1988 Karalyn Baldinger, OH
1989 Deena Alford, MD
1990 Lora Riley, PA
1991 Starla Adams, TX
1992 Michelle Pascoe, PA
1993 Nichole Sylvester, OH
1994 Erin Dolan, NY
1995 Danielle Novakowski, IL
1996 Christy Alford, MD
1997 Courtney Stangry, FL
1998 Brandy Martin, CAN
1999 Bobbie Jo Soloman, PA
2000 Meganne Britton, IL
2001 Tricia Daniels, GA
2002 Alysha Depp, PA
2003 Ashley Pedersen
2004 Stephanie Dallachesea, MD
2005 Karrissa Wimberly, FL
2006 Chelsea Russell, NY
2007 Danielle Cobb, VA
2008 Danielle Van Scoyk, MD
2009 MerrieBeth Cox, IL
2010 Melissa Cox, IL
2011 Whittney Seckar-Anderson
2012 Melissa Nugent
2013 Hayley Garrity
2014 Rebecca Lantz, CA
2015 Shaelyn Albrecht
2016 Steffany Lein
2017 Lexi Duda, MD
2018 Laney Puhalla
2019 Ally Duda, MD
2022 Ella McDaniel, NH

College Miss Majorette of America

Kelli Krull Russell was named College Miss Majorette of America in 1977. The former Miss New York also competed in the Miss America pageant in 1980, winning the talent portion with the an unforgettable routine. She twirled in a kelly green baton twirling costume complete wtih tall green boots. Russell has coached baton twirlers for decades. Her daughter Chelsea won four Miss Majorette titles, juvenile, pre-teen, junior and senior.

Kelli Krull Miss Majorette of America.png

Photo Source: Pinterest / Restored by The Vintage Twirler, 2023

1971 Cindy Harms, Arcadia, CA

1972 Diane Tangeman, Omaha, NE

1973 Debbie Weckesser, Baltimore, MD

1974 Pam Lewis, Athens, GA

1975 Terri Dobos, Bethel Park, PA

1976 Kathy Skelton, White Pigeon, MI

1977 Kelli Krull, Niagara Falls, NY
Buffalo State College

1978 Laurie Hixenbaugh, Belle Vernon, PA

1979 Debbie Campanellie, Long Beach, CA

1980 Dawn Dodson, Garland, TX

1981 Paige Carney, Scott Depot, WV

1982 Bethany Evans, TX;
Texas Tech University

1983 Shelly Evans, MO;
University of Missouri

1984 Christine Arford, CA;
Cypress College

1985 Heather Smith, MD;
University of Missouri

1986 Laurie Mitchell, TN;
University of South Carolina

1987 Missy Townsend, OH;
Boston College

1988 Tawny Broadbent, OH;
Michigan State University

1989 Sheri Kurman, MD;
University of Delaware

1990 Gina Adams, TX;
Baylor University

1991 Debbi Akins, SC;
University of South Carolina

1992 Rachelle Salem, CA;
University of Utah

1993 Jennifer Nero, OH;
Youngstown State University

1994 Kim Masters, OK;
University of Oklahoma

1995 Tanya Pennock, IA;
University of Iowa

1996 Robin Kay Sprague, FL;
Palm Beach Atlantic

1997 Yolanda Martin, CA;
University of Southern California

1998 Tina Tomlins, PA;
Indiana State University

1999 Ashley Clark, GA;
University of Georgia

2000 Bobbie Jo Solomon, PA;
Penn State University

2001 Julie Canterbury;
University of Iowa

2002 Lanie Blankenship, VA;
University of Tennessee

2003 Stephanie Stevens,
University of Southern California

2004 Melissa Weygand, MD;
University of Maryland

2005 Brooke Walter, CA;
University of Nebraska

2006 Katie Noland, FL;
Geneva College

2007 Karrissa Wimberley, FL;
Florida State University

2008 Tiffany Reicosky, MI;
Ball State University

2009 PJ Maierhofer, PA;
Penn State University

2010 Alyssa Kane, MA;
University of Connecticut

2011 Catherine Watters
University of Washington

2012 Megan McGeary, MA
University of Oklahoma

2013 Harlie Dale
Virginia Tech

2014 Nicole Jenson
University of Georgia

2015 Moriah Muscaro

2016 Rebecca Lantz
Arizona State University

2017 Steffany Lein
University of Louisville

2018 Adaline Bebo
Baylor University

2019 Sabrina Smith
University of South Carolina

2022 Emma Carr
Arizona State University



The incomparable Ms. Phyllis Romano, early 1950s. Source

Ms. Romano is the director of the Zodiac Parade Corps, Granger, Indiana.

Recorded Histories

Oral history is the collection and study of historical information using sound recordings of interviews with people having personal knowledge of past events. If you would like to share your personal oral history of baton twirling, please let us know. We are available to conduct interviews every Friday. Interviews will be available on this website. Once a substantial number of interviews have been conducted, they will be presented in podcast format. Nothing will be published without the interviewee’s written consent. Thank you for helping preserve the history of baton twirling. 

Majorette Boot Clipart

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