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…So this is what I want to know:
When we see Victory’s glow,
Will you still let old Jim Crow
Hold me back?
When all those foreign folks who’ve waited—
Italians, Chinese, Danes—are liberated.
Will I still be ill-fated
Because I’m black?

From Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too, 1944 | Langston Hughes

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Majorettes (1940s)

Woonsocket, Rhode Island Majorettes (1940s)

What a time to be alive, right? Look at all the men in their trench coats and hats and women with their heads covered with scarves. I can feel the cold rain and hear the tuba making its way down the winding avenue. I am 100 percent sure these photos were taken in...

Rose Romero, El Paso Twirler, 1941

Rose Romero, El Paso Twirler, 1941

Rose Romero was a Mexican-American majorette on the El Paso High School pep squad in 1941. Below is an excerpt about the photographer who captured this beautiful image of her. Alfonso Casasola, Photographer Alfonso Casasola, a member of a famous family of Mexican...

1949 All-Western Drum Majorette Queen

1949 All-Western Drum Majorette Queen

1949 All-Western Drum Majorette Queen Marilyn Watson In 1949, Marilyn Watson won the title of All-Western Drum Majorette Queen. As such, she led a four-hour parade during the 9th Annual All-Western Band Review, Long Beach, California. More than 5,000 musicians in 84...

Majorettes Promoting War Bonds, World War II

Majorettes Promoting War Bonds, World War II

In July 1942, majorettes filled a street car painted red, white and blue to promote the sale of war bonds and stamps during World War II. The car was to go into regular service the next day on the Broadway Line. — Chicago Tribune historical photo (LINK) Here is...

Majorettes on Memorial Day, circa

Majorettes on Memorial Day, circa

This photo features two Pennsylvania majorettes on Memorial Day during World War II. They are Jeanne Goeppert (left) and Alma Herring (right). They are standing with a floral wreath inside the Freeland Cemetery, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. This image was a good...

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Photo Epigraph

A Black majorette corps marches in a parade to honor James T. Wiley, Tuskegee Airman, June 1944

Black majorettes march in a parade to honor Tuskegee airmen.


Black majorette corps march in a parade to honor James T. Wiley, Tuskegee Airman. The Tuskegee Airmen were the first African American military aviators in the U.S. Armed Forces. From 1940-1946, nearly 1,000 were trained at Tuskegee Army Field. The installation was the air training site for Black men and women preparing to fight in World War II. Approximately 445 Tuskegee airmen were deployed overseas and 150 lost their lives. (Photo by Charles “Teenie” Harris.)

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