Tacoma Majorettes, Lincoln Park High School, 1952

LIncoln High School Majorettes, Tacoma, Washington, 1952.

Tacoma Majorettes, 1952

We cross-referenced high school yearbooks from 1953 to determine the names of the majorettes. The girl on the far right is Pam Bogut. The girl in the middle is Dolores Bolvin. We could not figure out the name of the girl on the far left.

We think this may be the first time we’ve seen a picture of batons with clear heads (balls).

Here is a beautiful writeup about the 1952 majorettes in the school yearbook:

Proud Lynx Strutters Aquire New Satin Garb

“Here they come!”
“Look at their new uniforms!”

Exclamations such as these were heard during the 1952 Daffodil Parade as the Lincoln band majorettes strutted proudly into view

Sporting their new outfits of black and yellow satin with billowy plumes swaying in the breeze, were Marlene Carlson, Jerri Reiber, Pam Bogut, Dolores Bolvin and Sharon Wilbur.

Marlene and Jerri are the senors of the quintet and this year they complete their second season as band majorettes. Dolores nad Pam are juniors and Sharon is a sophomore.

These enthusiastic twirlers contributed greatly to the spirit of Lincoln as they performed during half time of the annual Thanksgiving Day football game as well as many other games. They were unable to demonstrate their skills in the annual baton twilring contest due to late entry.

Head majorette Marlene Carlson and the rest of the girsl bid farewell to a yar, which as brough them success and that incomparable feeling of achievement. Through tedious practice to perfect their ability, they earned the coveted honor of their title.

Tacoma Majorette 1956

Here is another picture of three more Tacoma majorettes from 1956. Four years later they were performing with twirling batons, but still wearing those feather plumed hats.

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