It is rare to see majorettes and baton twirlers in advertising today; however, it was not uncommon to see them in the 1940s and 50s.

Even during the 1970s, twirlers were featured, particularly in the the Catch That Pepsi Spirit ad campaign, which featured a young baton twirling practicing hard to learn the one-turn. Why do you think companies don’t feature twirlers in ad campaigns anymore? Moreover, what does the presence of majorettes in these particular vintage products ads reveal about twirling? Why do you think cigarette and soda companies featured majorettes and twirlers so prevalently?

Twirling and Academic Research

Unlike other performance sports such as ice-skating and gymnastics, twirling has not been a popular topic for academic researchers. Nevertheless, three papers you might be interested in reading include:

Deconstructing the Winners Circle (Bolds, 2017)

“Sports Maternalism”, to Train and Take Care: Ethnographic Investigation in Baton Twirling Clubs (Ly, 2020)

Give Us a Twirl: Male Baton Twirlers’ Embodied Resistance in a Feminized Terrain (Haltom, 2019)

I’m sure there are other studies about which we are not aware. If you know of any please them our way.

Finally, check out these ads for Chesterfield cigarettes; Benson and Hedges; 7-Up; Royal Crown Cola; Canada Dry Ginger Ale; Beechnut gum and Van Heusen shirts. Which one is your favorite?

1964 Sugar Ad Baton Twirling

Soda Ads Featuring Majorettes, Twirlers

Cigarette Ads Featuring Baton Twirlers

More Ads Featuring Baton Twirlers

Catch That Pepsi Spirit!

The Catch That Pepsi Spirit ad featuring the young baton twirler was very popular when it came out in 1980. It featured the Onteora Central School band from Boiceville, New York. It was filmed in Kingston, New York. 

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