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How will my donation be used?

Donations will help fund the acquisition (purchase) of new material. They will help us pay for licensed pictures and videos through services like Getty, which has preserved historic moments in baton twirling. These archives can run in the hundreds of dollars. In addition, donations will help offset the cost of online software, hosting fees, domain renewal and website security. 

How To Give

Right now, the only way to donate is through our Venmo Business Account, For every donation we receive, we are charged 1.9 percent + 10 cents. All donations are reported on our taxes. Thank you so much for supporting this project. 

Free Sticker

Everyone who gives $10 or more will receive a FREE Vintage Baton Twirler sticker. You can display the sticker on your car window, water bottle or laptop, etc., and show your support for this project. Thank you in advance for giving.

Vintage Baton Twirler's Stars and Stripes Forever Design Sticker

Thank you for all your support!

Majorette Boot Clipart

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