Tributes honor the living. They can mark special occasions like “just because”, contests, wins, World Baton Twirling Day, a birthday, graduation or retirement, etc.


Please help us fill this page with baton twirling tributes. Honor those who are still living with a special tribute. Each tribute is a dedicated post and may include letters, pictures and/or videos, etc.

Below is a sample tribute from the author. Thank you in advance for sharing your memories.

Tributes are FREE; however, we would love it if you’d consider a $5 donation to help us cover the cost of photo and ephemera acquistions. You can donate via Venmo (vintage.baton.twirler). 

Photo Epigraph

City Santa Barbara Recreation Department, Santa Barbara Stepperettes; 1970s


If you have information about the woman or young man in this picture, let us know. She was the director of the Santa Barbara Stepperettes in the 1970s. She taught through the City of Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Department.



Majorette Boot Clipart

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