Soda Ads Featuring Majorettes, Twirlers

Source: Encore Print Society

Source: eBay Seller Sarazen

Source: eBay Seller, Sarazen

The lower lefthand corner of this ad features a pullquote from Mary Hartline: “See this display at your favorite store. I’ll be seeing you on Super Circus TV!” Hartline (1927-2020) was a model and actress. Super Circus ran on ABC from 1949 to 1955. She often appeared on the show in her trademark majorette costume with musical notes around the hemline.

Source: Vintage Ads and Stuff

Most Popular Soda Ad Featuring A Twirler: Catch That Pepsi Spirit

The Catch That Pepsi Spirit ad featuring the young baton twirler was very popular when it came out in 1980. It featured the Onteora Central School band from Boiceville, New York. It was filmed in Kingston, New York. According to a comment on the video, the twirler’s name is Shari and currently lives in one of the Carolinas.

Also, according to a YouTuber, the commercial originally aired on Wednesday, February 13, 1980, during the CBS movie of the week, Exorcist II (WJBK, Detroit). Yikes…

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