Mary Hartline (1927-2020) + Mary Hartline Doll

Mary Hartline was a model and actress who starred in Super Circus, a TV show that ran on ABC from 1949 to 1955. Harline, who frequently appeared in her trademark red majorette costume, is considered television’s first sex symbol.

Mary Hartline in a red majorette costume from Super Circus
Mary Hartline, Super Circus (1949-1955)

Mary Hartline: “Smooth Baton Twirling Skills”

Many articles have been written about Hartline. Here is an excerpt from one on the website Scoop.

“…During the beginning of each show, Mary would play the role of drum major and direct the brassy “Super Circus Band” in an exciting number. Her fluent moves to a rhythmic beat and her smooth baton twirling skills, gave Mary the boost and popularity she needed to reach the top, as many girls in the 1950s tuned in because Mary embodied their dream of being a popular majorette.

“Hartline became so popular that she was given her own 15-minute weekday children’s television show. This was a fantastic program for the kids, and every week a child would get to call into the show and talk to Hartline his or her self! They also had a chance to win prizes such as a Mary Hartline doll. The Mary Hartline show aired from February to June, 1951…”

The New York Times covered Hartline’s death on August 19, 2020, Mary Hartline, a TV Star When TV Was New, Is Dead at 92.

Episodes of Super Circus can be purchased on Amazon. In addition, Mary dolls and/or accessories are frequently available on eBay and Etsy. Hartline also launched a children’s wear line that included a red majorette dress. They are much harder to comeby.

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