M. Sylvia Day, Calgary, c. 1961

On this World Baton Twirling Day, we are privileged to share these fabulous photos of beloved mother, baton twirler M. Sylvia Day. They were taken in the 1960s and generously shared with us by her devoted daughter, Carolyn.

Ms. Day grew up in Milk River, Alberta, and has fond memories of marching in the parade. We can’t decide what we love more — her frilly jabot (ruffled top); velvet jacket; Alpine hat or pleated wool skirt. The whole costume is so cute and classy and we have never seen another like it.

The above photos were taken in 1961 or possibly, 1962. According to Carolyn, her mom wore the classic majorette boots in the Calgary Stampede parade, a 4.5 kilometer (2.8 mile) route. The parade is an iconic part of Calgary’s cultural identity and has been going strong since 1912!

“They would come to Calgary on a school bus,” Carolyn wrote. “Some…170 miles and sleep on the floor of a school. So much fun!”

Raymond, AB. Annual Parade. 1960.

The above photo of Ms. Day was taken in during the annual parade, Raymond, Alberta, 1960.

Photos Courtesy Carolyn

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