Vintage Australian Drum Majorettes

This post features pictures of vintage Australian drum majorettes from Hurstville, a suburb of South Sydney, a city in New South Wales, Australia.

Vintage Australian Drum Majorettes

The George River Libraries, located in South Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, featured some vintage Australian Drum Majorettes on their blog a few years ago. Included in the post was a testimonial from Marlene Hardwick Chadwick, pictured on the right in the above photo. (Pictured on the left is Sharron Dovey Ward.) The following is an excerpt.

“I started marching with the St George Drum Majorettes when I was about 10 years old, and this team was based at Peakhurst. About a year after I started, that team was disbanded and I moved to the Blakehurst team which shortly after acquired the name of St George Drum Majorettes and the team never looked back.

“We appeared in many venues across the state and interstate. We appeared at many parades, festivals, Anzac Day celebrations and in TV commercials.

“The club formed a close alliance with the St George Leagues Club. We gave many performances at the club, and a highlight was to be part of the New Year’s Eve entertainment each year.

We also provided a guard of honour as the St George Rugby League team ran onto the field for home games and grand finals. We were also part of the half-time entertainment.

This was one of the most memorable times of my life, being part of a wonderful group of girls, the friendships that developed and some great travel experiences. It was a lot of fun…”

Georges River Libraries

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Vintage Australian Drum Majorettes | 1963


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