Elkhorn Hillbilly Twirlers, 1979

Elkhorn Hillbilly Twirlers

In 1979, the Elkhorn Twirling Stars dressed up like hillbillies and marched in the Pikeville, Kentucky. The baton twirling corps was presumably based out of Elkhorn City, Kentucky, which today has a population of 982. Elkhorn City is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.

The twirlers are wearing beloved white Keds and socks of twirling lore along with patches on their shirts, cutoffs, rope belts and hillbilly hood hats. They also carried bandanas in their back pockets.

Throughout our research we have come across several quirky school mascots including the hillbilly, but this is the first baton twirling corps we’ve come across that adopted the persona/brand/stereotype.

We have no idea what became of the Elkhorn Twirling Stars. We haven’t been able to find any otheThese photos were taken about 45 years ago, so the girls in these pictures would be about 55-60 today.

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