1970s Majorettes in Atlanta

These 1970s majorettes are clad in quintessential baton twirler gauntlets, tiaras, sequin body suits and tall white boots. This costuming was on trend for the era. Oh, the memories!

These twirlers were members of the Luther Judson Price High School Majorette Squad, Atlanta, Georgia. They gathered for this photo at a football game between Grady High School and PHS in October 1973.

About Price High School

Based on our review of various LJ Price High School yearbooks, the school had a large team of baton twirlers, which they referred to as the majorette squad. They were part of the marching band. Here is an excerpt about the school on the Atlanta Public Schools website.

The 1970s brought an economic change to the United States. In Atlanta the staff and students moved to different areas throughout the city. The enrollment of Price High School started to drop. In 1973, when bussing to desegregate schools was an issue, the parents of Price students voted to block the conversion of Price from a high school to a middle school. The parents were opposed to the change because they did not want to see their children bussed to unfamiliar schools.

When enrollment dropped significantly at Price High School, the decision was made to convert the school to a middle school. The High School students were transferred to Carver High School. In 1987, Price High School became a middle school.

The photo is by photographer Boyd Lewis, a teacher and former journalist for Black-owned newspapers. It is published with permission from the Atlanta History Center. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

In the spirit of full disclosure, we edited the photo for increased clarity. This alters certain realities of the photo; however, the past is so distant and I love how the restoration brings the ladies to life. Here is the original for comparison’s sake. Which do you like better? Click here to see more 1970s majorettes and here to see another dramatic photo restoration.

1970s Majorettes – Original Photo

Bonus! Check out these additional pictures of the Luther Judson Price High School marching band. The source of these wonderful images is Price Alumni Athletes.

This photo was taken around 1978, based on our review of L.J. Price HS yearbooks.

Luther Judson Price High School opened in September 1954. These pictures appear to be from around that time based on the style of band and majorette uniforms.

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