Majorettes in Plaid (1971)

These beautiful images are from 35mm slides of junior high twirlers / majorettes in plaid skirts. They were taken in the fall of 1971, a time when photography was really suffering. In fact, these are some of the finest majorette photos we’ve come across from the 1970s.

The location of the school is unknown, but several other pictures in the same series feature palm trees. They were preserved by Rick Dreves on an extensive family history website. The site was established in 2009 and the domain was renewed in January, so the site is still active.

The first picture features Diane Dreves and Susan Kurth. The second photo features the same two girls along with other unidentified majorettes. In addition to these being just fantastic, high quality images, they majorettes in plaid are rare. Given the fact the entire band is also decked out in plaid, we’re guessing this was part of this particular school’s branding. The sashes with the majorette medals pinned to them are also unique. Kind of reminds us of Girl Scout sashes and badges. Very cute!

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