1970s Black Majorette (Professional Portrait)

This photo features a Black majorette from the 1970s. The identity of the twirler is not known. Her costume, like many still today, drew strong inspiration from military uniforms. Features include a stand up collar, double row of buttons and cording styled similar to ceremonial Hussar jackets.

The uniform also features white fringe trim and the twirler is wearing black fishnet tights. Both of these were common among classical circus performers’ costumes. For example the costumes of trapeze, aerial silk, corde lisse, tumbling and trampoline performers along with the forerunners of baton twirling (spinners, knife throwers, etc.) often featured fringe, ruffles, elaborate appliques, beading and feathers.

Bonus history lesson: Did you know the leotard, which is the foundation for most solo baton costumes, is named after Jules Léotard, a Frenchman who invented the flying trapeze?

And, now friends, you know something you didn’t know before visiting the Vintage Baton Twirler. Thanks for stopping by!

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