Drum Majorette Barbie Selfie

Barbie Selfie Ken Doll Drum Major Ken
Barbie Selfie Drum Majorette Barbie 1964

In advance of the new Barbie movie, a Barbie Selfie filter has gone viral on Instagram and other social media platforms. We decided to jump on board with actual Vintage Barbies, Drum Major Ken (1964-65) and Drum Majorette Barbie (1964-65). No doubt, their creators were inspired by the real life majors and majorettes of the day. The resemblance to the late Gloria Delgado (Fox Tech High School Majorette, San Antonio, Texas, 1956-57), is uncanny.

Check back soon for our post on the Pep Rally Barbie Set sold in 1965, and the Ken, Barbie and Midge On Parade set sold in 1964.

Click here to create your own Barbie Selfie.

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