Rare 1930s Scrapbook Featuring Popular Male Baton Spinners, Drum Majors

Text from Business Card

Featuring the FIRE Baton…
Roland J. Foster
Fancy Baton Twirling Drum Major
St. Petersburg, Fla.
Performed at Worlds Fair, Chicago,

Part Drum Major of University of S.C. Band.

Bottom Far Left

To Maynard Verier (?)
Jack Carroll — Washington

Top Left Photo

“Here they come!” Blatz Post Band of Milwaukee, which won the national band championship 4 times Twirling Drum Major Met him in Milwauke ?/14/1933 Went to Switzerland 1934

Bottom Middle

Richard Abercrobmie, Chicagoan, won first place in the adult baton twirling contest. Two Madison, Wis. entrants, Donald Williams and Ellsworth Donner, received second and third places.

Bottom Middle Right

Larry Hammond, prominent drum major in Chicago, added color to festival parade by twirling blaczing baton leading…band.

Top Right

Lee Suttell, Buffalo, NY Drum Corps
Lee Suttell
Baton Spinning
Mr. Suttel on the advisory staff of the Slingerland Drum Corps Division handles all problems concerning baton twirling. He qualifies as an authority on this subject in that his recent outstanding achievements include twice winning the National American Legion Baton Spinning Contests for the years 1929-39, 1930-31.

Received letters from him. 

Yours Sincerely
Lee Suttell
1114 Ellicott St
Buffalo, NY


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