Future Drum Major, 1950s

Check out the future drum major. He’s ready to lead the band in his rolled up cuffed blue jeans and plaid shirt. This photo was likely taken in the early 1950s. It features a young boy who appears to be around 8-years-old. Sitting in the big floral chair is presumably his younger sister,...

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Majorettes Promoting War Bonds, World War II

In July 1942, majorettes filled a street car painted red, white and blue to promote the sale of war bonds and stamps during World War II. The car was to go into regular service the next day on the Broadway Line. — Chicago Tribune historical photo (LINK) Here is our restoration of this photo....

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Nogales High School, 1939

The above photo was taken in 1939, and features a male baton twirler / drum major holding a female twirler above his head. They are surrounded by a half circle of majorettes. The students were members of the Nogales High School marching band, Nogales, Arizona. Nogales High School Drum and Bugle...

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