Fujimis, the Baton Skill Named for Cathy Fujimi

Fujimis are an advanced baton twirling skill. Baton twirler Cathy Fujimi became known for them and it helped her to reach eponym status. Read on to learn more.

The following pictures are very rare images of Cathy Fujimi, (b. 1959) who won the Little Miss Majorette of America contest in 1970. Fujimi was also named Grand National Champion in 1971 and the USTA Diamond Cup for girls solo in 1973.

Why They’re Called Fujimis

The California twirler became known for an advanced twirling skill called cutbacks, which are now frequently referred to as Fujimis. Words that come from the proper name of a person are eponyms. Fujimi is one of the only twirlers in the world whose skill level led to “eponym status.”

Fujimi is the mother of a highly-decorated, former collegiate gymnast. This fact was not easy to unearth and for that reason we are not comfortable disclosing her name. Nobody gave us this information. It is something we discovered during our research. Also, we do not watermark images but these are so rare and again, not easy to unearth, so we watermarked them. They were identified online incorrectly. We found them while performing routine research in a digital archive. They were donated to a now defunct neighborhood museum following Fujimi’s big wins.

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