Crimsonette Connie Bullock, 1980

Remembering the 1980s

And I’m gonna keep on lovin’ you‘Cause it’s the only thing I wanna doI don’t wanna sleepI just wanna keep on lovin’ you

–REO Speedwagon, 1980

The Crimsonettes, Founded 1976

The University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band began featuring auxiliaries including baton twirlers in 1951. The Crimsonettes began in 1976.

1980 Crimsonette Connie Bullock

Crimsonette Connie Bullock, 1980

Purdue's First Golden Girl


Purdue's First Golden Girl


Indianapolis 500 and the Golden Girl of Purdue


Indianapolis 500 and the Golden Girl of Purdue


Karen Sue Rodberg, Feature Twirler, University of Alabama, 1969

Vintage Photos of UA Twirlers and Crimsonettes


Addie Darling Golden Girl #3

Wendy, 1976

Addie Darling, Golden Girl
Adelaide Darling
Adelaide Darling

Crystal Brooks, 1974

Addie Darling was remembered as deeply beloved sister who was humble and adored by many. Her death at such a young age was heartbreaking to her family.

Connie, 1980

Vintage Ephemera

Baton twirling ephemera refers to things like programs, posters, patches, stickers, magazines, newsletters, and other things typically written or printed that were used for a specific period of time.

Vintage College

We welcome digital images of vintage college baton twirling subjects. You can also receive items through the mail. We’ll digitally preserve your memories in high-quality scans. Our restoration services are FREE. Thank you so much for supporting this project.  


Majorette Boot Clipart

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