Sample Governor’s Proclamation | World Baton Twirling Day

The following is an example of a Governor’s Proclamation for World Baton Twirling Day, which is April 10, 2024. Feel free to use all or part and make it your own! It’s very easy to request a Governor’s proclamation. Simply call the Governor’s office in your state and ask to speak to the person who does proclamation. They will send you a form or direct you to a form on their website. It’s so easy! Proclamations are typically read in a state house or state senate. If they occur when state legislatures are not in session, they are often posted on the website. You will also typically receive a beautiful copy of the proclamation with the Governor’s gold seal. These can be framed or shared online. Also, you can pursue mayoral proclamation. Check with your local town or city clerk.

Sample Proclamation

Whereas; the baton twirling movement has approximately 500,000 active participants across our country; and

Whereas; baton twirling is instrumental in building the confidence and character of children around the world; and

Whereas; baton twirlers lend so much energy, color, inspiration and life to our communities; and

Whereas; baton twirlers from all over the United States compete in local, state, regional, national and international competitions; and

Whereas; baton twirling has a national economic impact evidenced by the sale of costumes and special equipment; travel to competitions, camps and clinics; gym and practice rentals, leases and purchases, and much more; and

Whereas; baton twirlers and their families sacrifice thousands of dollars every year in training; and

Whereas; too few colleges compensate elite baton twirlers with scholarships on par with other athletic recruits; and

Whereas; baton twirling coaches have sacrificed time and energy for decades to keep the sport alive in communities, both large and small, all across the United States; and

Whereas; baton twirling is reaching new audiences through virtual lessons and rural broadband expansion; and

Whereas; a highly organized, international plan is underway to have baton twirling added to the Olympics; and

Whereas; baton twirling is a sport that demands timing and precision and is considered one of the most difficult sports at which to excel; and

Whereas; baton twirling is a misunderstood and under-appreciated sport that is extremely demanding, both physically and mentally; and

Whereas; baton twirling incorporates ballet, dance and acrobatics while performing astonishing rolls and tosses with a thin metal rod; and

Whereas; baton twirling includes hoop baton, flag baton, fire baton and lighted batons for the pure enjoyment of audiences worldwide; and

Whereas; everyone loves the twirler

Now, therefore, I ___________________________ Govenror of the State of __________________________do hereby proclaim April 10 as World Baton Twirling Day throughout the State of ________________________, and I commend this observance to all our citizens.

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