Baton Spinner, 1916; “Only Woman Drum Major in the U.S.”

From the Houston Daily Post, Friday, November 10, 1916:

“Miss Grace Wilbur Brown, juggler, pistol twirler and baton spinner, will be radily recognized by the school children as the drum major who has been leading the big parades of the Woman’s Fair and the Red Roosters. Miss Brown’s art is…that has proved a hit each day. One of her feats in particular is being very popular. All the night performances Miss Brown and DeCarno as as as some of the other performers are given the “spot light” from an immmense search light…which…effects that…and be obtained even with the electrical apparatus of a large theater.

Miss Browns has the disnction of being the only woman drum major in the United States. She is the offical drum major of Gormly’s Twentieth Kansas Regiment.

Grace’s daughters, Louvae and Elzie, became circus aerialists.

References to Wilbur

Milner Library, Illinois State University

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