Anne Arundelettes Majorettes and Drum Corps (1960s)

The Anne Arundelettes Majorettes and Drum Corps of Anne Arundel County and Brooklyn Park, Maryland, were founded by the late Frances Jones (1922-2020). She was originally from Liverpool, England. Very little information is available about her. Click here to view her obituary.

These pictures are so colorful and still that the people hardly look real. The images were actually taken from 35mm slide. (Note the ONE WAY street sign that reads backwards.) We have no idea when these pictures were taken but based on the cars and hairstyles, we’re certain it was sometime in the early 1960s. All in all, these are some of the best parade photos from the 1960s we have ever come across. And, of course, we love all the pink. Even their majorette boots have pink pom poms.

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